About the Book

How many people do you think face mental health issues every day? That number in your head would probably need doubling before you got anywhere close. Depression, bi-polar, anxiety, agoraphobia, eating disorders, ADHD, the list is completely endless. What do these people do to get by? Take tablets, see counsellors, get told it will "all go away eventually."

Others do some incredible things; such as become a celebrity, run a business or travel the World in a boat.

It is about time that these people's stories were told. In order to give inspiration to others, be recognised for their achievements and to help those who are also going through tough times. The Mental Health Struggle - From Agoraphobe to CEO is a book in the making that aims to put together all of these incredible people's stories. So far, we have over 100 real stories to sort through and thousands of real pictures. Once this is completed, it will become the most inspirational and motivational book of all time. 

Did you know that these people have (or had) mental health issues?

Halle Berry
Billy Joel
J K Rowling
David Walliams
Stephen Fry
Drew Barrymore
Jim Carrey
Ellen DeGeneres
To name a few.....

It has been said that by battling mental health issues we can stop the number of gun crimes in the USA and around the World, the number of unnecessary deaths and the constant struggle that millions of people face around the World! All profits from the book will be going to mental health charities such as The Mental Health Foundation, Mind and Time To Change.

About the book itself

The Mental Health Struggle - From Agoraphobe to CEO will be an A5 size book that has lots of stories, pictures and quotes. It's the kind of thing you would be able to pick up on the train, bus, toilet (if you fancy) and just read a part of. It's not going to be some long, boring novel that you have to read in any given order. That's the great thing about it, it is short bursts of inspiration and motivation! We like those words. The cover and artwork is currently being designed by DesignMatic so we will update the project as soon as we have the final piece.

The people who are sending in stories have also been sending in poetry, artwork they've done and even little gifts. How cool is that? It means that we can jam pack the book with as many exciting bits and bobs as possible. Plus it makes it much more exciting to read.

About the writers

The people that have been contributing their stories so far are from all around the World, from many different walks of life. All have one thing in common; a mental health illness. Some have got over them with incredible stories, others are still battling but doing some pretty amazing things.

All of these stories are being put together in book format by Rebecca (Bex) Walton who is a freelance writer from the UK. She has spent most of her writing career doing boring things in marketing, but has always wanted to write a book. Rebecca has agoraphobia (afraid of leaving the house) but wasn't just going to sit back and claim incapacity benefits. This project is going to prove that you can do it, I can do it, she can do it, and his dog can do it too.