‘Not allowed to give to charity’

Or even raise awareness for a charity project. That’s the message we have just received from Kickstarter who will be stopping all our hard work and cancelling The Mental Health Struggle project!

None of us can quite get our heads around this rule, but it doesn’t mean we are giving up!

Oh no, we are coming back bigger and better on another crowd funding website called Indie Go Go who DO allow donations to charity!


If you want to get involved then please, please do and help raise mental health awareness! All profits will go to The Mental Health Foundation, Mind, Time to Change and several other mental health charities.





IMPORTANT UPDATE - Rewards have changed & more juicy news

Update #8 · Jan. 15, 2013

Better rewards - YAY!

Many of the rewards have now been made EVEN better and include goody bags, t-shirts by Masato, incredible drawings by Nick Smith and even VIP tickets to the book launch during Easter weekend!

You may now find that the reward you picked for your pledge amount isn't great, so make sure you swap it over and get the most for your pledge! Simply go to the project page and 'manage my pledge' to change your reward choice (or even change your pledge amount).

Don't give up hope

I know some of you may be thinking that £7000 is a lot to achieve in 17 days but we are all extremely positive that we can do it. If you know anybody you think would be interested in the project, whether it be businesses or an individual then please let them know. Thank you for all of the sharing and support you have been giving over the last two weeks.

There is now a YouTube video of the radio interview here if you would prefer to share that as opposed to the actual project.

Designs - Dum dum duuuuuuum

FINALLY, the Masato t-shirt design and also the book cover design are so very nearly ready! We can't wait to show you what has been going on behind the scenes. Remember, all of this can only happen if we reach that target. If we don't, then it's back to square one. We will however relaunch the project again and again until the book is published. You won't see any of us giving up the fight for mental health awareness.

Thanks a lot, until next time!

BBC Radio Interview - Did you hear it?

Update #7 · Jan. 14, 2013

The project gained even more recognition today as Rebecca was interviewed on BBC Radio with Julia George this morning.

Although it was very difficult for her to get to the studio, due to her agoraphobia, Rebecca came across as confident and has been congratulated by many charities, spokespeople and advocates for Mental Health awareness.

If you didn't hear the interview then you can listen to it again here:http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p012x5h1 from one hour and 7 minutes in.

Those who did hear it, please let us know what you think in the comments below. It would be great to have some more feedback. 

You can also see some followers feedback on Twitter who have praised Rebecca for her courage. Simply follow @XebNotlaw to see some of the backing from mental health charities and supporters.

Top London fashion designer involved, radio interview, meet the team, some more goodies for pledges AND a couple more warm fuzzy feelings

Update #6 · Jan. 12, 2013

Phew! It's been a busy couple of days with plenty more people pledging to the book and we cannot say thank you enough for all of the support everyone has given us! There are a lot of updates to fill you in with, so here we go.....

Masato Jones, a top London fashion designer is going to be designing a t-shirt for the book!

We're really excited about this as his designs are pretty super cool! Plus it means something extra that we can give to our pledgers. They will be added to the rewards once the price of printing and t-shirts has been worked out (to make sure you get the best for your pledge amount)!

You can see some of his work here and check out the Psycho Bunni t-shirt that was designed for another great cause....

Radio interview on BBC Radio Kent

Rebecca will be speaking on BBC Radio Kent on Monday (14th Jan) morning at 10am about mental health awareness, the book and all of the involvement from you guys so far. If you want some kind of recognition on the radio then make sure you keep doing your bit and getting involved. If you don't have time to listen to the show, or can't pick it up on your radio then you will be able to listen again here from about midday on Monday.

Meet the team

We have had some more great people getting involved in the project over the last couple of days, so we thought we would show them off! Nick Smith is a local man that wanted to help out with his (INCREDIBLE) artistic skills and so has drawn a couple of pictures to introduce the two new team members. Bex & Jake will also be coming to anime life very soon. You can see the pictures at the bottom of this update. Trust me, they're really cool. A big thank you to Nigel Walton and Hannah Crouch for getting involved in the project in all of their special ways. P.S if you're wondering what 'purveyor of toys' means (see Nigel's picture) then this is it.

Extra goodies for pledges

Businesses are climbing over each other to try and get involved with the project and are offering freebies and money towards the campaign. Lee from Actuate Personal training is giving away free Taekwon-Do lessons for all those that pledge to the book. Now that the press release has been launched asking for businesses to get involved we can expect a lot more of this in the future. If you know of a business that wants to get involved, to help them spread some publicity and raise awareness for mental health then ask them to get in touch quickly, as spaces are filling up fast.

Some more warm and fuzzy feelings

Finally, this project would be nothing without all of the people that have pledged and shared so far. Here is the album of warm fuzzy feelings to say thanks. Also, if you haven't received yours yet then do not worry; they are on their way! It's just a case of getting Nibbler to stay still long enough for her photo shoots. We will also be arranging some polaroid pictures for you guys to keep, that will be given out to the top pledgers and those that continue to share the project.

We have loads more to say but won't cram it all into one update! We'll show off some more of Nick's pictures of the team soon, plus the new Masato Jones t-shirt design when it's ready. AND a video from Rebecca and Jake. Yeah, a real moving picture video. Thank you all, until next time! x

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We've upgraded our warm fuzzy feelings!

Update #5 · Jan. 09, 2013

There have been quite a few backers over the last few days (thank you!), which made us realise that you need more than just the 'thought' of a warm fuzzy feeling.

After a long, hard think and a root around the house we have decided to offer you a once in a lifetime thank you letter from Nibbler, our resident warm and fuzzy being.

There are only three images here as we haven't had time to do them all. Plus, have you ever tried to make a kitten sit still for longer than four seconds? It's impossible.

Everyone that doesn't have one yet will get theirs very soon and they will be posted here, or e-mailed to you if you would prefer. We will then send them out to you with your thank you letter from Rebecca (who isn't quite so fuzzy).

Now, enjoy your warm fuzzy feelings everyone!

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How the #cutforbieber trend proves that this project is more needed than ever

Update #4 · Jan. 08, 2013

Please note that there are some disturbing images at the bottom of this post of REAL people cutting for Bieber. These were taken from Twitter over the past few hours. If you do not want to see them then please do not scroll any further than the line below.

There have been some horrific stories today of girls on Twitter (and guys) cutting themselves for Justin Bieber. The idolised pop sensation has sparked upset from his fans as he reportedly smoked cannabis. 

The fans have been cutting their arms and posting pictures on social networking sites of their handiwork. Many have said this is completely outrageous, but these are the people that don't truly understand.

This is nothing to do with a pop star, this is to do with these girls mental health. If more resources were made available, as well as awareness being raised, then things like this would not happen. These fans would understand that what they are doing is self harm, and needs to be handled in the right way.

The trend of #cutforbieber just goes to prove that this book is needed now more than ever. People need to be fully aware of mental health illnesses, from depression to agoraphobia. I'm hoping that this sparks more backers that understand the severe need for a book that will raise awareness and help others get through their mental health problems.

Below is an image taken from a news website who are running a story on the Twitter trend.


Being supported by some influential people!

Update #3 · Jan. 07, 2013

Although Kickstarter doesn't allow a project to be for charity, that doesn't mean a charity can't get behind a project! 

We've had some serious positive input from the guys at Mind the mental health charity, who just keep advertising the project! They have retweeted nearly every single one of our tweets about this book, and we love them for that!

The fact is, a project like this will have a positive impact for all of those with mental health issues; which is obvious why the charities like Mind are so keen for us to succeed.

Getting the word out there is just part of a bigger picture, so #getinvolved and join the crowd!

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Radio interview!

Update #2 · Jan. 07, 2013

So today has been a bit of a crazy one for the project as Rebecca has been interviewed about it on KMFM (a radio station based in Kent). This publicity is great for the book, as well as for fundraising so hopefully it will bring in plenty of people who want to get involved.

We will keep you updated as to when it will be aired, including a link to the podcast for those who want to listen to it online.

Thanks again to all of our pledgers so far.

Thank you Jason!

Update #1 · Jan. 03, 2013

Well, our project had been live for less than an hour before we had our first £100 pledge from Jason!

We can't express our gratitude enough and so have this small GIFt for him:

Jason has also offered to help us out with some free webspace (YAY!) and lots of other helpful suggestions, tips and advice.

We are extremely grateful Jason and hope the hugging cat made you feel warm and fuzzy inside.