Why should I pledge? Or even care?


You don't have to pledge, or even care. However, there have been many sad stories in the news over the last few years about those whose mental health illnesses get too much.

Remember Amanda Todd? She is just one of the millions of people that face the same things every day. Just because she became an online sensation doesn't mean that she didn't think/feel/cry the same way as everyone else.

This book is not focusing on the negative, it's set to focus on the positive. The inspiration, the motivation and all of the amazing things people around the World do on a daily basis.

Not only that, but every single penny left as profit will be going to the mental health charities that need it most. We are working with The Mental Health Foundation, Mind, Time To Change and several others.

You don't have to pledge to make a difference to this campaign, as just by sharing the video with others is enough to get people talking, thinking and caring. So even if you don't have the funds to pledge, think about other ways that you can help The Mental Health Struggle.